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How much does the power bank know? To learn more, please read on

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Nowadays, as long as people go out for more than one day, the power bank becomes a necessity and must be inseparable. In any case of inconvenient charging, the power bank is definitely in time to rain. Do you know the questions about the power bank?

Question 1: will charging with a power bank affect the mobile phone? At present, the mainstream of rechargeable batteries are lithium-ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries. It seems that it's no different from the batteries we usually use. Generally, a battery can provide a voltage of 3.6V to 3.7V. The core function of the power bank is to charge the mobile phone. Scientifically speaking, it's the process of boosting the voltage. The power stored in the cell of the mobile power source is increased from 3.7V to 5V. As long as the battery voltage is stable during this process, the charging of the mobile phone It is stable and will not cause any damage to the mobile phone.

Second, can the fast charging power bank charge ordinary mobile phones? Is there a security risk? With the emergence of fast charging mobile phones, there are many charging batteries that support fast charging, but now there are many protocols for fast charging mobile phones. For mobile phones with different protocols, chargers can not be used universally, so can the charging batteries that support fast charging. However, it does not mean that mobile phones with different fast charging protocols can only use the mobile power corresponding to the fast charging protocol to have fast charging effect. However, the fast charging power pack is still applicable to other mobile phones, but it can not be used for fast charging.

As the gas station of mobile phone, the power bank should not be rude to the power bank at ordinary times. When it is fully charged, it should be unplugged in time and checked regularly for damage to avoid potential safety hazards.


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