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Want to choose a reliable power bank? These must be noted

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How can you do without a reliable power bank? So, how to purchase and maintain the power bank? This guide is very important

How to choose a power bank?

1. Power core

At present, there are two kinds of electric core: ion electric core and lithium polymer electric core. It is better to choose lithium polymer battery with high safety and long service life.

2. Look at the conversion rate

The actual charging conversion rate of good mobile power supply is generally 65%.

3. Pay attention to appearance

Regular manufacturer's product packaging will have manufacturer's production address, telephone number, anti-counterfeiting code, bar code and other information.

4. Selected capacity

The bigger the capacity, the better. If you just go out to prevent cell phone power failure and other situations, you can choose a small product with medium capacity.

How to maintain the power bank?

1. Avoid heavy pressure and severe vibration

Be gentle to the power bank, and try to avoid throwing, knocking and falling, because these operations will damage the internal circuit board of the power bank.

2. Regular performance maintenance

If the power bank is not used for a long time, it should be charged and discharged every other time to maintain its normal performance. In this way, it can ensure that the internal core of the power bank is kept in the best state and effectively extend its service life.

3. Do not charge for a long time

Charging for a long time may cause the charging treasure to overheat. If it encounters a fake product, it may explode. Therefore, the charging time should not be too long, generally full.

4. Avoid high temperature and heat source

Do not place the power bank in a place with too high temperature, which will accelerate the aging of its internal components; do not store the power bank in a place with too cold temperature, because when the power bank works in an environment with too cold temperature, moisture will form inside and damage the circuit board.

5. Avoid contact with strong chemicals

Not only should the power bank be away from water, but also remember not to use strong chemicals or cleaning agents to clean the power bank. Clean the appearance stains of the power bank with cotton cloth and a small amount of alcohol.

6. Use matching charging equipment

Generally speaking, the power bank is a standard USB port. When charging the power bank, please choose a charger with reliable quality. The USB charger with poor quality has no current protection, which may cause permanent damage to the charger during charging.


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