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How to use the power bank correctly? Don't make it a "bomb" you carry with you

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Mobile power supply is almost a necessary tool for people to go out, but many people still have some misunderstandings about its use. Improper use of any electronic product will affect the function of the product, and even have some security risks. Therefore, the operation and use of the power bank becomes particularly important.

About the use of power bank

What mistakes have you stepped into in your life?

Error 1: too high or too low ambient temperature

In fact, the power bank is also very "delicate". It is afraid of both cold and heat. It's in a hurry. It's also in a "hot" temper. Its best temperature is 0 ~ 40 ℃.

Over temperature > 60 ℃

Generally, the working temperature of lithium battery is 0-55 ℃. High temperatures will shorten the life of electronic devices, damage batteries and age some plastics.

Especially in hot summer, avoid exposure to the sun. Never put the battery in use in the car without air conditioner or in the backpack with direct sunlight. High temperature and lack of oxygen are easy to cause local heating and lead to fire and explosion.

Temperature too low < - 10 ℃

Try to avoid using in cold outdoor or low temperature. If the temperature is too low, the battery will not work stably and discharge fully.

For example, the iPhone's battery is set with a low temperature protection. Sometimes it can't be turned on when the temperature is too low, so as to prevent internal short circuit caused by battery deposition. Now many mobile phones have this protection mechanism.

Mistake 2: humid environment

There is no waterproof design for mobile power supply, and water can easily cause leakage, short circuit or other faults.

If you accidentally fall into the water, remember to take it with your bare hands in a hurry, and take it with rubber gloves.

If the mobile power supply is dirty, it can be wiped with a dry cloth. It is forbidden to use chemicals, soap or detergent for cleaning.

Error 3: strong extrusion and sharp impact

Do not drop, knock or shake the mobile power supply. Because the violent shaking of mobile power supply will make the internal structure of lithium battery misplaced, the lighter consequence is short circuit, and the more serious is the self ignition and even explosion of lithium battery!

In particular, some circuit control do not do a good job of poor quality mobile power supply, security risks upgrade.

Error 4: long term placement

A lot of people are "lucky" when they need to recharge the battery, and enter the "cold palace" when they don't need to. However, if the power bank is not used for a long time, over discharge will occur in the cell, which will affect the service life.

Therefore, when not in use, it should also be charged with 80% of the electricity, and placed in a dry and cool place to avoid sunlight.


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