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It turns out that we pay so much attention to the rechargers we use every day, do you know?

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If you ask, what's the worst case for you?

A lot of netizens answered decisively, of course, for fear that the mobile phone would not have power! There is no money in the pocket, but WeChat Alipay can be rich, if the phone is out of power, it can not be used.

The professor has deep sympathy with the netizen's statement. With the increasingly perfect function of mobile phones, we rely more and more on mobile phones. The consequent problem of endurance has become a problem of severe use of "patients" of mobile phones.

Therefore, the power bank that can make the mobile phone strong and long-lasting becomes everyone's new favorite, which can be carried with you for power up. But there are many kinds of rechargeable batteries, and the sizes of them are different. How can we choose them? Today, the professor will send you a shopping guide~

1. Fast charging power bank

At present, there are not too many breakthroughs in battery technology, so fast charging has emerged. Many brands have also started to add the fast charging function to the power bank to improve the charging speed of mobile phones.

The fast charging protocols used in the power bank are mainly PD, QC 3.0, Huawei FCP / SCP, Samsung AFC, etc., among which PD fast charging will become the mainstream in the future with its strong compatibility and wide application range. A PD fast charging power bank can charge mobile phones and tablets of all brands with one stroke.

The biggest advantage of fast charging is "fast", and most of them support two-way fast charging. Whether it's input or output, it can basically reach more than 18W. Charging iPhone 8 or above or some Android phones can be more than 50% full in 30 minutes, which greatly reduces our charging time and makes the phone quickly full, especially suitable for patients with cell phone power anxiety.

2. Wireless charger

More and more flagship computers begin to add wireless charging functions, such as iPhone, Huawei, Samsung, millet, etc. The wireless charging process is very simple. You only need to put the mobile phone supporting wireless charging on the wireless charging treasure. The mobile phone can be charged when it is put and charged. You can get rid of the shackles of the cable by wearing the shell.

Of course, the wireless charger also supports plug-in charging. Connecting the charging line can charge mobile phones and tablets that do not support wireless charging. Plug and play charging is very convenient.

3. Own line charger

Before, friends and professors Tucao, took their own charging treasure to go out, but forgot to charge the line, and he was very angry. In fact, there are a lot of chargers with their own lines on the market now, which can avoid the trouble of taking both chargers and chargers when going out. It can be said that they are specially designed for "baby Martha".

At the same time, the interface supported by the built-in line power bank basically covers the mainstream, including lightning line, type-C line and micro USB line. It is applicable to almost all mobile phones, and can be charged quickly when you go out with a power bank.

4. Mini charger

The main application scenario of the rechargeable battery is to take it with you when you go out, so the mini rechargeable battery has gradually become the love of many people. The most prominent feature of the mini power bank is its small shape, but it has a large capacity. It can be fully mastered with one hand, occupying less space, better storage and carrying, and no pressure when traveling.

Part of the mini power bank also has the intimate lanyard design. In the process of carrying or actual use, the power bank can be firmly hung on the finger, which is convenient and practical.

5. Large capacity power bank

Generally speaking, the chargers with capacity greater than 10000mah are collectively referred to as large capacity chargers. Compared with conventional chargers, large capacity chargers have more charging times. When you go out with a large capacity rechargeable battery, you will feel no pressure when your mobile phone is out of power. It can definitely meet the 24-hour power supply demand of your mobile phone, especially for business people who often travel.

However, the larger the capacity is, the higher the safety performance requirements of the power bank are. When purchasing, you should pay attention to whether the power bank has multiple safety protections such as over discharge, over charge and over voltage.


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