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Is the power bank really safe?

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Nowadays, many people can't do without mobile phones. In order to ensure that the mobile phone is "not powered off" at all times, you always take a power bank when you go out. However, an accident caused by a power bank sounded the alarm for everyone.

[case] there are many fire incidents on the power bank

On February 25, 2018, during the boarding process of China Southern Airlines flight cz3539 (Guangzhou Shanghai Hongqiao, model b77w), the luggage of an already boarded passenger was smoking in the luggage rack and there was an open fire. And the "initiator" is the power bank. The unit cooperated with the fire department and the public security department to deal with it in a timely manner without further loss.

On July 1, 2018, on a bus in Fujian Province, a woman in the back row's battery charger ignited. The passenger threw the battery charger at the driver's feet in a panic. The bus driver calmly put out the battery with a fire extinguisher and kicked the battery charger out of the car with his feet, without casualties.

On the morning of January 19 this year, 21-year-old Mr. Ju was riding when a heavy smoke burst out from his chest satchel, which led to a fire. He quickly stopped to put out the open fire, only to find that the charging treasure in the bag had spontaneous combustion, resulting in the burning of the items in the bag. Fortunately, I was not hurt because I found it in time.


It turns out that there are so many hidden dangers hidden in the small power bank!


A variety of rechargeable batteries, will you choose them?

1. Pay attention to the difference between electric cores

The inferior inner cell of battery is an important hidden danger for the safety of rechargeable battery. Generally, there are two kinds of rechargeable batteries on the market: 18650 lithium battery core and lithium polymer battery core.

In a comprehensive comparison, from the perspective of safety, the lithium polymer battery core is safer; from the perspective of durability, the 18650 lithium battery core is more durable, so it is recommended that you choose the lithium polymer battery core. As for which kind of cell is used for each power bank, the general product description will be written, but the easiest way is to search "lithium polymer power bank" directly on the shopping website. 2. Pay attention to whether it has passed the certification

Certification is an important indicator of the safety of the power bank. In fact, as long as you pay attention to it carefully, you will find that many rechargeable batteries are printed with Ce (European Union product safety certification), fire certification, FCC (Federal Communications Commission certification) and other symbols, which are relatively common certification, so you must recognize them when selecting them.

If the power bank has passed a variety of safety certification at the same time, it will be more secure.

3. How to choose a safe power bank?

Pay attention to the charging parameters of the mobile phone. Most of them have 1a and 2A charging sockets. Many people don't notice the difference between them. Theoretically, the charging plug of 2a is faster than that of 1a. However, not all electrical equipment are suitable for 2A charging plug. Sometimes it is misused, which may cause damage due to excessive charging current and equipment heating.

In fact, most of today's digital products support the 2A connector, but some old mobile phones still use the 1A connector. So when you buy a power bank, you must know whether the battery of your mobile phone supports fast charging. This can be found on the official website and the product manual.

It's really important that a beautiful looking power bank is not safe!

First of all, we need to buy a regular manufacturer's power bank. Such a manufacturer has a large sales volume and professional quality control and testing mechanism for production and product quality. However, there are many miscellaneous brands in the market, which are easy to have security risks.

Secondly, it is very likely that the low-cost low-quality or even second-hand batteries will be used for the very cheap rechargeable batteries. Some unscrupulous manufacturers even give up the safety and take off the circuit protection chips directly. In addition, in the service life of the core, there are obvious differences between the fake and the regular products. Generally speaking, the normal power bank can charge 500 times in theory, while the second-hand power bank can only be used by luck. That's why some people can't use the power bank after buying it for more than ten times. Check the authenticity according to the barcode and telephone on the package and instruction manual. Generally, after registering with the local industry and Commerce Department, the power bank will have product information registered with the industry and Commerce Department of the place of production. The registered information can be found through the website or telephone.

[strategy] how to use the power bank safely, do you know?

1. Check and debug the connection between each accessory and the charger interface according to the instructions, and carry out relevant connection and test according to the instructions.

2. The new charging Baodu has a certain amount of electricity stored, which can be used for trial operation or temporary emergency use. But it should be charged before use. The first charge should be connected to 220 volts. Do not use weak voltage such as notebook and computer to charge, and charge according to the time required in the manual.

3. After using the power bank for a period of time, check it frequently and shake it to see whether the battery inside is loose, whether the indicator light is correct when charging and discharging, whether there is abnormal heat during charging and other problems. If any abnormality is found, check and repair it by professional personnel to ensure safety.

4. The charging treasure shall be placed in a ventilated and dry place, and shall not be used or stored in an overheated and humid environment. Do not touch the fire, in the sun exposure. Never put the power bank on the dashboard of the car, which is the place with the highest temperature in summer, in case of explosion.

5. Place the power bank in the trunk properly to avoid impact and explosion and combustion caused by crushing and impact.

6. Do not put the battery charger and key together. Danger may also occur if the battery charger is punctured by sharp objects such as pushpins.

7. Try to use the original charging head and charger, or buy the charging head and adapter with the same parameters.

[reminder] what should I do if the power bank catches fire?

There are different ways to put out different fires. For example, electrical appliances fire, the first step is to cut off the power supply. Before power is cut off, it is absolutely not allowed to use water or foam to extinguish the fire, because both of them can conduct electricity. It is better to use dry powder extinguishers, carbon dioxide extinguishers or dry sand. If small electrical appliances catch fire, they can be covered with wet carpet or quilt after power failure to reduce the temperature, prevent the fire from expanding or bursting, and then carry out other fire extinguishing steps.

So how to deal with the spontaneous combustion of the charging treasure? When the charger is on fire, if there is no fire extinguisher nearby, it can be quickly covered with a wet cloth and put into a large amount of water. The former is to prevent the fire from causing debris eruption and hurting people, and the latter can eliminate the ignition point among the three elements of combustion.


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