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How to choose the power bank? 90% are wrong. Here's the answer

作者:Shenzhen Quanhan Technology Co.,Ltd

With the continuous improvement of smart phone performance and screen size, charging treasure has become the best magic weapon for mobile phone users to survive. At present, there are many kinds of chargers on the market. How to choose a right one is really a technical job. To solve this problem, Qi Ji would like to share his own experience and lessons with you about how to purchase Qiji's rechargeable treasure.

Safety first

Personal safety is the most important thing to buy a rechargeable battery. There are three points in Qi Ji's suggestion: first, choose a big brand of power bank equipment, and don't be greedy for cheap to choose some unknown, irregular small manufacturers' power bank. Second, when purchasing, please try to purchase in the guaranteed official flagship stores or offline regular stores to prevent the purchase of fake and shoddy goods. Third, we must choose and buy the power bank that meets the certification standard of the new national standard. It is better to support short circuit, temperature, over discharge and other protections.

Input interface

After experiencing micro USB and type-C interfaces, Qi Ji finally understood that the most convenient input interface is the plug. The combination of charger and mobile power supply is Qi Ji's favorite at present: there is no need to worry about the charging head and multiple data lines, and power can be replenished at any time when there is a socket. If you are a friend who often goes abroad, it is necessary to support 100-240V broadband voltage, and the capacity of the power bank must be less than 20000 MAH.

Output interface

With the rise of PD fast charging, type-C interface is more and more widely used, but a to C charging line is still the mainstream standard configuration of intelligent machine. In order to be more practical and worry free, a and C dual output interface has become the best choice for users. No matter which cable you take with you, you can adapt to charge smart devices when you go out. Qi Ji's most painful experience is as follows: take the power bank and data line to go out, when the mobile phone is nearly out of power, it is found that the power bank and data line don't match, at that time, similar hearts had. (Note: only port a supports the output of the power bank, with the data line of CtoC.)

Charging speed

The fast charging technology of the power bank is also very important. It can greatly shorten the charging time. At least support the mainstream QC and PD fast charging protocols when purchasing the power bank, which can help you get fast charging support on many smart phones. At the same time, with the rise of intelligent wearable devices, small current charging mode is also necessary, which can charge intelligent wearable devices in time and safely.

Qi Yanji:

Qi Ji's idea about the skills of choosing and purchasing power bank is as follows: to choose and buy big brands, products with safety certification and safety protection, and to ensure personal safety through regular channels. It is better to choose the charger mobile power two in one charger, and have at least two different output interfaces, supporting the PD and QC fast charging protocol. What do you think of such a power bank?


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